Sunset from

When is Photo Editing Necessary?

photo-editingSunset from Photography221B.comThese two photos do not have filters or any type of photo editing.  Nature provided the vibrant colors in the sunset!  The colors are different in each photo because they were taken a minute apart and the sun had changed its position.

Sunsets are extremely beautiful for the very reason that they are constantly changing!

Unfortunately, in these pictures there are several power lines that could not be avoided and they are seen crossing through the top of these two photos.

As a photographer it becomes necessary to decide whether to use a photo editing program to remove the unwanted lines, or keep them as part of the story.

This is what I enjoy most about the creative aspects of photography!  The photographer gets to decide.  I like to think of these two photos as a brilliant combination between nature and man and for now, I intend to keep the power lines.