Treasures in the Midst of Chaos


A Christmas photo posted in January!

The rush of the holidays is over and January is the month when we finally slow down from our Thanksgiving to Christmas marathon. The holiday decorations are carefully packed and stored and we start to think about our goals for the new year.

Companies start advertising ways to get organized:
-Organize our homes with new storage containers
-Organize our lives with new fitness goals
-Organize our finances by reevaluating our career or searching for a new job

This is certainly a change from the last two months and our busy preparations for the holidays, gift giving, acts of kindness, making a list (and checking it twice!) and trying to meet that delicate balance of time with family and friends.

This photo was taken in Salt Lake City.  The lobby below was a crowded meeting place for families who were seeing the Christmas lights at Temple Square.  In the midst of this chaos, I paused and looked up.  The treasure was a beautiful chandelier and vibrant stained glass windows.  It reminded me, once again, to not get so caught up in the tidal wave of commotion surrounding me that I miss the truly exceptional treasures that often go unnoticed by the crowd.