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Following are a few of my most recent prints that were on display in the exhibit entitled “Focus”

The art in my online Digital Art Gallery can also be purchased as single prints (various sizes) or small note cards.

In 2017 I will be adding additional art to the gallery and participating in local art shows.

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mindful minute


Forgotten FlowerMindful Minute

In my rush to get home at the end of a long day I noticed this amazing sunset. I immediately pulled over and captured this scene on my phone. The sunset lasted for only a few minutes and then it was gone. This photo reminds me to not rush through life, but rather take mindful minutes every day to focus on, and appreciate, this beautiful world.

Forgotten Flower

One could have easily missed seeing this flower when walking through the garden because it was located near the ground. Many of us go through life focusing on things at eye level. Without expanding our perspectives, we miss opportunities to view beautiful works of art like this white flower.







The Salt Lake City Capitol building is often photographed from the same angle. With this photo, however, I chose to focus on a corridor that is not usually seen in photos. It reminds me to focus on a broad range of perspectives in life as well as politics.



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