The Magical Power of Light


Lately my interests have been artisan chocolate – tasting as well as photographing!  Above are two photos of a Potomac Chocolate Bar that I quickly took with my phone.    Neither of the photos have been edited or altered with filters.

The first photo is on a table shot from above.

The second photo is on the same table, but I opened the blinds to get some natural sunlight.  I also shot the photo on an angle.

Both photos show the product, but the second photo with sunlight seems a bit more interesting.

Either photo could work as a social media post, but when they are placed side-by-side, I definitely see the magical power of light!


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Lemon Pudding Cakes

Best Lemon Dessert

I love this photo mainly because it is my absolute favorite lemon dessert.  I can practically taste the tartness of the lemon just by looking at the photo.  When you spoon into the cake-like exterior, you discover (more…)